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        General Purpose

        In the general purpose category, you'll find a wide 

        variety of lighting products, from soft white incandescent bulbs

        to energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, and longer-life halogen 

        lights. Our halogen A-line bulbs fit standard fixtures and are extremely 

        versatile, providing a very clean, bright light that can also be dimmed for a

        more intimate and dramatic effect.






        Halogen Bulbs

        With their whiter, brighter light, halogen bulbs are 

         brilliant choices. And when you consider they last

         up to three times longer than ordinary bulbs, they

         are more convenient and make economic sense, 

         too. Sylvania A-line halogens fit standard

         fixtures and come in a variety of wattages, making 

         them great for almost any lighting need. Why

         choose halogen products?.  





                           Soft White Dulux®* EL

           Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

           Our SOFT WHITE DULUX® EL compact

           fluorescent bulbs will change the way you feel    

           about fluorescent lighting. Available in 15, 20 and 

           23 watts, these highly efficient bulbs fit almost any

           standard fixture, use 70% less energy and last 10

           times longer than ordinary incandescents. They

           provide the kind of soft white light that makes them                                                  

           perfect for sconce, table lamps or anywhere else 

           you want a bright, long-lasting light.



            Economy Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

            Our lower cost compact fluorescents are available

             in 13 and 17 watts. These bulbs provide soft white                                                     

             light, last 6,000 hours, and offer significant energy

             saving compared to incandescent bulbs.






            Energy Saver Soft White Bulbs

            If your into saving things, like money and the

            environment, then try SYLVANIA Energy Saver

            bulbs. They save between 9-15% in energy costs                                        

            while offering almost the same light output as other

            incandescent bulbs. And like most of our lighting

            products, they're available in numerous wattages.



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